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The Weight is Over

Weight has to be the #1 excuse we make for not having an intimate lifestyle session. “I need to lose weight first…let me loose a few pounds…my body isn't what it used to be.” Let’s be honest, are you really going to drop the amount that you want in a reasonable time frame? Seriously. Let me be clear though, I’m not trying to discourage you from committing to a weight loss journey, especially if it’s for your health and emotional well being (remember NOT for societal opinion). However, with the right lighting, coaching and posing, a photographer (ME) can capture the most stunning images of YOU, deemphasizing aspects that you may not feel comfortable with. And I get it, some of us want to feel 100% about ourselves. But for me, I love to see images that tell a story, a journey. And in this case, a weight loss journey. In fact, seeing where I am physically in a beautiful image only gives me drive to continue further with my goals.

Its just a number ya’ll, only a number. I know for me I sometimes make it a point to not stand in the mirror too long. Heck, I don’t even own a scale! Its all about how my body feels, how my clothes fit. I use my clothes as a guide in regards to the successes I’ve achieved on a weight loss journey. And I must say, lately, I’ve become more and more comfortable with looking at myself in the mirror in just my intimates. TMI? My bad, but its true. Sometimes I feel sexier like that…almost as if clothes shape me in such a way that shows more of the work I need to do. Anyone else feel the same?

For me its my arms and my belly (and of course the roundness of my face), my thicker thighs have grown on me. I gained 40lbs with my first born (145-188) and he was a tiny 6lb pound baby!! And then with my second I only gained about 20lbs (203-223) and lost it all while attempting to breast feed for 3 months. However, once I stopped I gained it all back and its been climbing ever since. It’s a constant struggle…not the “number” but the comfort of how the weight looks on me.

When thinking about my self portraits I know I had to wear something to hide my tummy. In order to achieve this I selected a high waisted skirt, chose laying flat on the bed and used fabric in poses to drape upon my midsection. Additionally, I selected attire that covered my arms alittle (jean shirt, sheer robe) but still made me feel sexy. There are infinite possibilities to highlight your beauty all the way keeping you comfortable and satisfied.

Its time to get over this notion that WEIGHT defines us or how we should feel about ourselves!! So what is it for you? Is weight just a number to you too? Do you tirelessly watch the scale or use your favorite jeans and fitted top as a guide? What’s your struggle with weight? Is it a love hate relationship for you? Was it the babies or a medical condition? Open the dialogue and let’s kick this excuse’s butt!!! I really would love to hear about your journey and I’m sure other ladies do too.

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