Jack of all trades!  Writing was my first love, it still is.  However, there is something about freezing a moment in time...a moment that words could never ever explain.  I love to tell the diverse stories of love, happiness, success and family.


Prince  &Maurice

I instantly fell in love with these guys and  they were hired on the spot!  While they do not assist with major events, they are quite the little helpers with family and children sessions.  They are guaranteed to ease your nervousness and get the toughest of little ones to crack a smile.   My heroes!


"Photography embodies the thoughts, moments and emotions that words could never explain."


Attention to detail!  As an Air Force veteran we’re trained to focus on the details.  Within the world of photography it has become my specialty!  I absolutely love to capture all the intricate details of your special day.  From the rings, to linens, flowers, to attire, the details bring back special moments from your lovely nuptials. 

I have always LOVED being in front of the camera, always!  However, motherhood became of me and time often got away from me in the attempt to primp and prep for a glamorous capture.  My children grew so fast and the only way to freeze their little smiles and special moments was by snapping as much as I could.  The goal of forcing father time to slow down developed my aspiration to capture the special moments of others.

An image is a tangible reminder of a joyous occasion, a milestone or a moment to cherish for forever.  It’s all about the sweets moments that foster an explosion of memories.  I pride myself on collaborating my unique perspectives with your timeless vision.

I am absolutely obsessed  with ALL things GLITTER!


L.O.V.E   L.O.V.E   L.O.V.E  DIYs!  I will DIY ANY and EVERYTHING!


Mint Chocolate Chip is the best ice cream...hands down.


Butterflies are magical!  They tell a story, a symbol of evolution and serenity.


My first love is writing.   Aspired to be a world renowned journalist in my early college days.


Air Force Veteran with a background in Communications.


All About Me

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