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LaLovely Photography
Richmond Boudoir Photography

Your Journey


Do you ever just think about your skin? Not the outside, but the inside. Do you love it? Are you comfortable with it? How do you feel when you think about all that you embody...your attributes and features that make you unique?

Intimate Lifestyle photography is about empowerment, acceptance, self love! It highlights the love you have in your own skin and your acceptance with being perfectly imperfect. Yes we know you're perfect! But sometimes we carry our scars, flaws and imperfections and allow that to drive how we see ourselves. I am here to tell are PERFECTLY imperfect. Unique. Beautiful. Strong. Stunning!

There is something so amazing about bringing ones inner beauty outward through the lens. You're oh so lovely just the way you are.


Own it. Live it. Embrace it. Love it!

Lovely Captures
The Experience

Loveliest Experience


Expect to be pampered, celebrated and motivated to show off your curves!  We’ll rock out to your favorite tunes to set the mood and toast to this special occasion.  With lingerie selection assistance and posing guidance, together we’ll capture the   sexiest part of you...your confidence.


You’ll arrive and be given a brief tour of the studio before you begin hair and makeup.  We’ll chat about posing and shoot flow prior to lingerie selection.  Then the fun begins!  We’ll crank up the music and shoot you will you flaunt it like you own the place!

Your Experience Includes:

Pre-Session consultation 

This Loveliest Boudie Guide 

Professional hair & makeup

Lingerie selection assistance

Posing assistance & coaching throughout entire session Special gift for full session payment in full

SAME DAY gallery reveal/ordering 

LaLovely Photography

Lovely Collections

Collection Products

Vintage Key USB        Glass Keepsake Box        Little Black Book        Acrylic Canvases        Acrylic Press Printed Albums

Richmond Boudoir Photography

You are Unique. Beautiful. Strong. Stunning.

Beach Boudoir

Own Your Confidence


So society says a model that is a size 2 is beautiful. Ok, size 4 give or take. No hips, no belly, no thighs, no scars, no tattoos, no stretch marks, no waist, no cellulite…oh breasts and butt, can’t forget that…no breasts and butt. Yeah, society says that’s “beautiful”. And yes to some that may very well be.

However, whats even more beautiful is a woman that walks in her confidence no matter what society thinks. Confident women know that their bodies are beautiful, from the crown of her head, to the soles of her feet. “Oh she think she cute.” Yeap, you sure are honey…JUST the way you are! Society hates confident women, they hate it. And you want to know why? Acceptance. You are at peace with yourself and many battle those acceptance demons.

Even if you toil with your confidence, identifying and either accepting or doing something about it will make the world of difference. However, NEVER toil with a characteristic or feature that you cannot change. You were created you as you are for a reason…our uniqueness is what makes us adored and loved. Our bodies tell a story! We’re living, walking, breathing canvases. How amazing is that! And guess what, you can sculpt that canvas any way you see fit. Or you can even put that paint brush down with contentment knowing your work of art is complete.




LaLovely Photography
Richmond Boudoir Photography

Own it. Live it. Embrace it. Love it.

Ooh LaLa


We’re in search of a team of women, real women just like YOU.  The beauty and essence of boudoir is too big for me to conquer alone so thats where you come in.  LaLovely needs muses for our brand to spread love with body positivity and active branding support.


No matter your skin tone, body type or unique attributes that set us apart, the women of our Ooh LaLa Brand Ambassador team encompasses all the lovely walks of life. Ooh LaLa Girls participate in group social events, individual boudoir sessions, body positive photo campaigns, but most importantly they vow to encourage  women to stand firmly and confidently in the beautiful masterpiece that is their own skin.

Floral Boudoir
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